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This country has made some of its greatest accomplishments — and perpetuated some of its gravest grievances — through the art of compromise. Indeed, the history of American politics, particularly at the Congressional level, is replete with stories of influential political figures who engaged in grandstanding and gamesmanship in public…

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I came out to my parents as polyamorous this weekend. Having been raised in a Southern, evangelical Christian household, it was a big step although the conversation was pretty uneventful (at least for now). My parents, co-founders of their own church back home, manage to love their son who —…

Because self-awareness is not one of our nation’s strong suits.

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Well, it’s Martin Luther King day in the year of our universe 2021.

Much has been made already of the sanitized and whitewashed (pun wholeheartedly intended) version of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught in our schools, generalized…

Chris James

I’m Kid President, all grown up and with student loan debt. You can generally find me working to dismantle structural racism in justice systems nationwide.

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